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At age 61, I have completed 25 marathons, including running Boston 11 times and in 2010
completed 3 IRONMAN in 3 days raising $258,000 for charity.  'Never say "impossible"! 

My marathon schedule is more for runners age 40 and over, as the mileage is not as high as many
programs and the rest days are more essential to the aging athlete. Essential for running a good marathon is to peak at the correct time, thus the opening seven weeks are relateively  short and the logner runs are a
maximum15km. I recommend that the longs be done at a pace that is 30-45 seconds slower than your
marathon pace, and then increasing the pace during the last 3-5km of the run to your race pace.

I have also added in one day a week that is either a 10km run or cross training and I would recommend
that you go with cross training to save the additional pounding to the body. The tempo runs scheduled once
per week should be between your 10km race pace and your easy run pace, but again it is crucial to start these
out slower and try to quicken the pace slowly over the 22 week schedule, so that come week 20 you are
doing the 10km tempo run at very close to your race pace. Each long run you need to practice what to eat and
drink, before, during and after the run. Finally, follow these key rules and you will have a fun and
successful marathon:

• Get a plan and stick with it
• Consistency
• Tempo Runs
• Hydration and Fuel


(Click here to download Gord Pauls' Marathon Training Schedule)

Other Training Distances:

Click on the links below to get a training plan for a 5K-10K and Half Marathon.

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We are blessed in Ontario with a large number of Running stores where they are specialists not only in the
selling of technical shoes and apparel, but they are runners who love the sport and are able to provide training
and running clinics for you.



Be a part of not only this event, but of the growing running community.

Runner's Den:
860 King St. West

Hamilton, ON  905-523-7866

Runner's Den has 4 other locations each are providing running clinics, please call the Runner's Den nearest you for their dates and times:

Runner's Den — 20 Main St. North Waterdown (905) 690-4004
Runner's Den — 9 Grand River St. N. Paris (519) 442-1056
Runner's Den — 361 Main St. Port Dover (519) 583-3100
Runner's Den — 715 Second Ave. E. Owen Sound (519) 371-1577

Other Running Specialty stores in Southern Ontario:
Foot Tools — 2013 James St. Burlington (905) 637-1888
The Running Works — 33 Quebec St. Guelph (519) 763-8033
Runners Choice — 260 Princess St. Kingston (613) 542-2410
Runners Choice — 207 Dundas St. London (519) 672-5928
Running Free — 708 Denison St. Markham (905) 477-7871
The Running Company — 118 Thomas St. Oakville (905) 815-1952
Runners Edge — 111 Fourth Ave. St. Catharines (905) 984-5333
The Long Run — 241 Queen St. South Streetsville (905) 819-4761
The Runners Shop — 180 Bloor St. West Toronto (416) 923-9702
Runners Choice — 247 King St. North Waterloo (519) 884-5361
The Running Factory — 5480 Wyandotte St. E. Windsor (519) 945-3786


Contact information
Phone: (905) 308-4878